Cat Boarding / Hospice

Perfect for weekends away or for safety for your cat during renovations.

We have temporary, non-critical cat boarding & hospitalization facilities. This is a boarding lodge for all cats & a hospice for healthy cats which have special needs. Our staff can provide medication as required including treatments for hyperthyroidism, diabetes, kidney failure, heart problems, skin disease & urinary tract medical conditions. There are 6 separate living areas for cats so we can accommodate a maximum of 6 cats at one time. The living areas can be opened up & joined. If there is only 2 cats they can each have the run of 3 living spaces all to themselves. The cat area is completely separate from the general hospital area to eliminate risk of infection & stress from hospitalized dogs. In fact, our cat hospice area is located right next to the staff lunch room so there can be human interaction for the cats (plenty of pats & play). 

We require all boarding / hospice cats to have at a minimum an F3 (cat flu & enteritis) vaccination. Also, we must have seen your cat recently for a check up to ensure it is healthy. 

We only accept cats for a maximum of 7 days. This is to minimize the chance of cat flu infections & minimize stress for the cats. 

Book well in advance during busy holiday periods like Christmas, New Year, Easter & school holidays.  

If any cat should become ill while with us they can be treated & transferred to the intensive care hospital area of Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre.