Dentistry Deals

Dentistry is a serious matter that needs to be done professionally & carefully! Cutting corners is not an option at our surgery. Only premium, safe, pain free dental care is available at DRVC.

We've created a cost effective package to keep your dog & cat's teeth clean. If your pet needs an ultrasonic dental scale & polish under general anaesthetic we understand it's not a light decision to make. All our patients that undergo a sedation or general anaesthetic (not just for dentistry) receive a haematology blood test, i/v fluids & opiate pain relief included in the procedure cost. In our view they shouldn't be optional add-ons, they are essential for the safety of your pet. We also have state of the art anaesthetic monitoring equipment (monitoring & recording heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, breath rate, ecg & core body temperature) + experienced veterinary surgeons. Once your pet is anaesthetized we take full mouth x-rays to detect any hidden problems under the surface of the gum in the bone and tooth roots. Experienced & qualified veterinary nurses continue to monitor your pet until he/she is fully awake from the sedation / anaesthetic. We have a dedicated surgery nurse every day to continuously check and monitor surgery and dentistry patients without distractions of having to answer the phone or serve customers at the front desk. Once your pet has had it's teeth cleaned & polished we advise coating the teeth with Sanos solution to seal the gum - tooth junction to delay the onset of gingivitis in the future. We have packaged the whole procedure including the haematology blood test, full general anaesthetic with comprehensive monitoring (including blood pressure, ecg, blood oxygenation level, breath alert, body temperature & heart rate), i/v fluids, opiate pain relief, an antibiotic injection (gingivitis is the result of a bacterial infection under the gum line), an anti-inflammatory injection (so your pet's gums are less likely to bleed after the ultrasonic scaling), ultrasonic scale & polish & Sanos treatment (valued at $175) and full mouth dental x-rays (with take home written report) starting from $685 for cats & small dogs <10kg. The price does not apply to any patient that requires tooth extraction/s or other oral surgery. Book in for a FREE veterinary nurse consultation on week days to check if your pet qualifies for the discounted dentistry. Join our Platinum  Paws Club to take off a further 10%. 

During the months of August and September 2017 we are offering a further $50 discount on all routine ultrasonic scale and polishing (done under general anaesthetic), 1/2 price Sanos treatment post cleaning, FREE dental x-rays and a take home tooth brushing kit + vouchers for discounts off Hill's prescription t/d food. Book your FREE nurse dental check now with our online booking link on the home page of this website or from our Facebook page.