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Top Tips for Traveling with your Pet

Top Tips for Traveling with your Pet
1. Make sure your pet’s microchip details are up to date.

This is crucial in case your pet gets lost to ensure you can be quickly reunited.

2. Make sure your pet’s vaccinations and preventative health cover is up to date.

Consider any special requirements of particular destinations e.g. tapeworm treatment is required before traveling to Tasmania; heartworm prevention is essential for traveling in Northern Australia; paralysis tick prevention is important in Gippsland and all along the East Coast of Australia.

3. Ensure your pet has enough of any regular medications and/or special food for the duration of the trip.

If your pet suffers from car sickness or travel anxiety, discuss with your vet whether medications may be needed. It is best to trial any new medications in advance of a long trip to make sure they are effective and there are no unwanted side effects.

4. Make sure you have an appropriate car harness/restraint or carrier for traveling.

If your pet is flying, check that your carrier meets airline requirements.

5. Know where your nearest vet clinics are in case of emergencies and have their contact details handy.

Be aware of any local hazards e.g. snakes, ticks, poisonous plants, etc.

Packing Checklist for Pets:
  • Your pet’s regular diet and treats – don’t forget a can opener if needed!
  • Food and water bowls and plenty of fresh water
  • Bedding and/or a travel crate to sleep in
  • Your pet’s collar/harness and lead
  • Your pet’s favourite toy/s
  • Grooming equipment and if needed doggy sunscreen
  • Poo bags to pick up after your pet
  • Any required medications and a first aid kit

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