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Is your dog (ahem!) fat? Are you worried she may also have a urinary tract issue?

Weight Management in Dogs

The dangers of being a fat dog.

If your dog is overweight, she is at increased risk for developing a number of health conditions, including diseases of the urinary tract such as bladder stones and infections. That’s why it’s so important to take your dog to the vet regularly for weigh-ins and advice on how to manage problems related to excess weight.

A pet food produced by Hill’s Pet Nutrition provides veterinarians with a way to help manage excess body weight and the risk of urinary disease at the same time. This revolutionary combination diet is called Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Multicare + Metabolic Canine and may be recommended by your vet if your dog is fat and is also struggling with urinary tract problems.

**About Hill’s c/d Multicare + Metabolic Canine **

  • Nutrition clinically proven to reduce body weight by 13% in 60 days1
  • 88% of pets fed this nutrition lost weight at home in 2 months1
  • Helps dissolve struvite bladder stones
  • Reduces the risk of developing the two most common types of bladder stones (struvite and calcium oxalate)
  • Formulated to support a healthy immune system

Did you know that a certain type of bladder stone, called struvite can be dissolved by changing the diet to c/d Multicare + Metabolic Canine?  This is great news for dogs with these stones, as well as for their owners, because it means surgery can potentially be avoided. Other types of bladder stones can’t be dissolved by diet though, and only your vet will be able to diagnose what type, if any, your dog may have. Furthermore, dogs with struvite bladder stones commonly have a urinary tract infection as well, so taking your dog to the vet for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment is doubly important.

How does Hill’s c/d Multicare + Metabolic Canine help my dog to lose weight?

Hill’s Metabolic diet works differently to other traditional (low calories and fat, increased fibre) calorie counting diets.

Hill’s has been studying how nutrition impacts pets’ cell function for over a decade. Breakthrough research by Hill’s showed that compared to lean pets, overweight pets have different gene expression.  This can affect how their bodies function, because some of those genes are associated with inflammatory processes, fat metabolism and appetite control.  As a result of this research, Hill’s Metabolic foods have been formulated with a blend of ingredients specifically selected for their ability to work together to support healthy weight loss and maintenance. This blend includes natural ingredients such as coconut oil, phytonutrients and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and controlled amounts of high quality protein, along with a healthy mix of soluble and insoluble fibre. This synergistic blend of ingredients works naturally with your pet’s unique metabolism, activating the body’s natural ability to burn excess body fat and helps your pet feel full & satisfied between meals.

So remember, if your dog is overweight and you think she might have a urinary tract issue….

Ask us about Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Multicare + Metabolic Canine. This clinically proven solution could help your dog achieve and maintain a healthy weight whilst simultaneously helping her achieve optimal bladder health. Remember – these are complex health issues requiring expert management, and Hill’s Prescription Diets should only be used under the supervision of your vet.

As always, if you are worried about your dog, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment, either in-clinic or via an online video consultation from home via Medechat.

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