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What’s eating these teeth?

tooth resorption

These x-rays show a common condition affecting cats’ teeth called tooth resorption. This is where the cat’s immune system starts mistakenly attacking the teeth, creating holes in the teeth which can be very painful. The gums around the affected tooth will become inflamed (gingivitis) and eventually, if untreated, the crown of the tooth will fall out. The root of the tooth will often be gradually replaced by bone, as seen in the third x-ray showing a “ghost tooth”.

The cause of tooth resorption is unknown, and cats of any age can be affected. Treatment of this condition involves removing affected teeth to alleviate pain and discomfort. Cats are extremely good at hiding signs of pain and even with severe tooth resorption will continue to eat and show few signs of discomfort, but this doesn’t mean that the tooth is not sore.

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