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We are proud of our exceptional service and care that we provide to both you and your pet. We are all animal owners and understand that special care is required for each individual pet, no matter what type of pet.

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We are proud to supply you with the highest quality products.

We've created a cost effective package to keep your dog & cat's teeth clean.

From dog chew toys to premium quality pet food, we can help you find the right product for your pet. We provide a no hassle, 100% guarantee of satisfaction with the products that we sell. If there is a problem with any product that you have purchased from our veterinary centre we will exchange, replace or refund you - no drama! The only conditions are that the product was definitely purchased from us (most of the time you won’t even need the receipt because our computer records can identify the unique stock codes sold from our surgery), the fault is not just from normal or expected wear & tear or that the product has been deliberately damaged (eg your dog chewed his new collar to pieces when he slipped it over his head!).

If you have specific needs, don't hesitate to ask our trained staff. We are here to help.

The following are just some of the amazing suppliers and products we stock.

  • Hill's Science Diet and Prescription Diet Premium Foods
  • Prime 100 SKD-200 (single protein) Pet Food rolls incl. crocodile and tapioca, kangaroo, turkey and chicken
  • Royal Canin Premium Pet Food and Prescription Foods
  • Pedigree Advance Pet Food
  • Dermcare skin products (shampoos, etc)
  • Natural Animal Solutions naturopath products
  • Bravecto (MSD) chew that treats fleas, ticks and mange mites (lasts up to 3 months)
  • Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra (Merial) chews that treat fleas, ticks and mange mites (lasts 1 month)
  • Frontline Top-spot (Merial) flea / tick control
  • Advantage / advocate / advantix (Bayer)
  • Sentinel Spectrum / Interceptor Spectrum (Novartis)
  • Heartgard Plus (Merial)
  • Revolution (Pfizer)
  • PAW (Pure Animal Wellbeing) ear cleaner & shampoos
  • Feliway & DAP diffusers (CEVA)
  • Virbac shampoos
  • Weatherbeeter dog coats
  • Beau Pets dog coats & collars
  • Rogs collars
  • Black Dog collars & pet accessories
  • Kenzie Frenzy pet accessories
  • Ezydog accessories
  • Greenies dental treats
  • Kramar pet accessories
  • Doggles (sunnies for dogs)
  • Halti products
  • Sasha’s Blend glucosamine (Intervet)
  • Blackmore's PAW Osteochews and vitamin supplement (incl. tryptophan)
  • Epi-Otic ear cleaning solution
  • Fido’s shampoos
  • Dermcare shampoos and conditioners incl. aloveen (aloe vera and oatmeal), malaseb, pyohex and natural
  • Cat laxatives
  • Drontal liver flavoured chewable allwormers
  • Profender cat spot-on allwormers
  • Milbemax allwormers
  • Guardian allwormers
  • Biotin Nail Strengthener powder and Musashi (lysine) powder
  • KnobGoblin toys
  • MikMak toys
  • Kong toys
  • TireBiter toys
  • Dog Rocks
  • Urine Off
  • Bak to Nature odour neutralizer
  • 4x2 biscuits
  • Pig’s ears & Vegie pig’s ears
  • Emu sticks & roo sticks
  • Pet Tags
  • Bow Wow Meouw Tags
  • Bow Wow Bling Pet tags
  • Trovan Microchips
  • Love ‘em Liver Treats
  • Rawhide chews

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