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Dentistry Deals

Dentistry is a serious matter that needs to be done professionally & carefully! Cutting corners is not an option at our surgery. Only precise, safe, pain free dental care is available at DRVC, including full mouth dental x-rays to see if there are any hidden problems under the gum line.

Our comprehensive dental treatment packages include:

  • a pre-operative health check
  • a pre-operative blood test (haematology) to check red and white blood cell and platelet counts (important to assess the risk of bleeding after dental surgery)
  • pre-operative pain relief and sedation as well as intravenous fluids during and after the procedure to ensure a smooth anaesthetic and recovery
  • full general anaesthesia with dedicated monitoring during and after the procedure by our dedicated surgical nurse
  • thorough oral examination under general anaesthesia
  • full mouth dental x-rays to detect any diseased/damaged teeth that may need removal and assess the health of the surrounding jaw bones
  • ultrasonic scale (cleaning) of all teeth to remove tartar/calculus and clean out any pockets of bacteria/infection under the gums, followed by polishing to restore the enamel
  • a complimentary post-operative check 3-5 days after the procedure to check healing of the gums and discuss ongoing home dental care

During this examination our vets may find teeth that are damaged, infected or loose and need removal. We have state of the art high-speed dental burrs and a Vet Tome as well as specialised manual instruments that help to minimise trauma during teeth extraction, and local anaesthesia as well as post-operative pain relief and antibiotics will be given if appropriate. Because it can be difficult to determine the extent of dental disease until full oral examination has been performed under anaesthesia, it is often difficult to give an exact estimate for costs of dentistry until we know how many (if any) teeth need removing. We ask that if possible you are contactable by phone on the day of the procedure so we can keep you updated with any additional costs.

For the safety of the patient and our staff, all animals undergoing dental procedures need to be under a general anaesthetic. Attempting to scale the teeth without an anaesthetic is cruel and painful for the pet. We encourage reporting of any "anaesthesia free dentistry" operators (who have no formal qualifications) to the AVA Victoria office on (03) 9600 2930.

After the teeth have been cleaned & polished we recommend dental diets and chews as well as daily teeth brushing (with special dog/cat toothpaste) to maintain oral hygiene. A range of food and water additives are also available which may help to reduce plaque and bad breath e.g. Plaque Off, Healthy Mouth water additive, etc.

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