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Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre is an accredited Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) microchipping centre.

This means that we have a strict protocol to follow when implanting and registering animals that are microchipped by us. We only use International Standard (ISO) microchips and register our microchips with Central Animal Records (CAR) - a 24 hr accessible, nationwide registry centre.

For small animals the microchip is implanted under the skin at the back of the neck above the shoulder blades. The procedure is quick & relatively painless though the needle used to implant the microchip is quite large. The microchip itself is about the size of a grain of rice & sits in a hard silicon casing. It sits dormantly under the animal's skin until a scanner activates the microchip which sends out a signal which is read by the scanner & converted to a series of numbers / letters.

Microchips have been used in Australia for over 20 years & no deleterious effects have ever been recorded. Sometimes if the animal runs around a lot after implantation the microchip will move away from its original implanted location but it won't enter the blood stream or impinge on nerves or cause pain around joints. The only point of concern is if the microchip moves out of the scan area which is located on the front 2/3 of the body then it may not be detected by a person scanning the animal for the microchip. The only time it is permitted for an animal to have more than 1 microchip is if the transponder in the original microchip doesn't work any more or the original microchip is not an ISO (international standard) microchip. All pets in Australia are required to have a microchip & will not be able to be registered with a local council without a microchip. Victorian legislation also requires point of origin information for each puppy. In other words, a record of where the pup came from (breeder, farm, kennel, shelter) linked to the puppy's microchip number.

Wherever your pet is in Australia or overseas you will be able to be notified if it is found, within minutes of being scanned. We can access the CAR database 24 hours a day via the CAR website to access the information about ownership & address of the animal. Our microchip scanner & virtually all scanners used by veterinary surgeries & councils / pounds are able to scan and read any microchip from Australia or overseas.

All microchipping performed at our surgery includes lifetime registration with Central Animal Records included in the one upfront fee. A discounted microchip fee is applied if the microchip is implanted whilst your pet is under sedation or general anaesthetic at our surgery for example when in having a desexing operation or x-rays. Since the needle to insert the microchip is quite large, the surgery for desexing is a great time to implant kittens & small dogs whilst they are under general anaesthetic.

It is important to always keep the ownership & address details for your pet up to date to avoid delays in contact by the vet surgery or council pound. Change of details forms can be downloaded from the Central Animal Records website or collected free of charge from Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre. If your pet is registered with another national registry or the Lost Dog's Home & you would like to transfer the details to CAR, forms can be collected from our surgery as well. There is a small registration fee (~$15) payable to CAR or the fee can be paid directly to us to be forwarded to CAR. We can update the details or apply for registration for your pet on the spot. A small certificate will be sent to you within 1-2 weeks with the new information on it. Simply check that the information is correct then your pet is permanently registered on the CAR registry.

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