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Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre

Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue

We will happily help injured wildlife for FREE.

We give emergency first aid assistance to wildlife free of charge at Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre. Our treatment policies are in keeping with the guidelines of Wildlife Victoria. If the injured wild animal cannot be rehabilitated and released back into its natural environment, then euthanasia is often the most humane treatment. Our wonderful, devoted wildlife carers will rehabilitate the injured animals after our initial treatment then release them back to where they were originally found if it is safe to do so.

In spring and summer we commonly get calls about baby birds found on the ground. Often these young birds are nestlings that have accidentally fallen from the nest or fledglings that are just learning how to fly. For nestlings, if they do not appear injured we recommend creating a makeshift nest using a bucket or box with leaf litter or newspaper and place it in a low tree fork out of harm’s way, ideally close to the parents or nest if you can see it. If the parents do not seem to return within 24h contact Wildlife Victoria. For fledglings, as long as they do not appear injured and are not in immediate danger (e.g. on the road) it is best to leave them where they are as this is an important developmental stage and their survival chances are better if we do not intervene.

Donations for our wildlife carers can be made at our reception desk!

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